Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'll be away in JB!

Yay I'm going on my first ever overseas adventure without my family. JB for a day!!!! Yea okay it's only 1 day and to most of you, it isn't exactly something to be super duper happy about but for me, it's a huge leap! I mean my parents are super strict and for them to even allow me to take a step outside the country without them, it really is a big accomplishment! So I'll be heading to JB with ph. Bff and her bf was supposed to join us but bff is down with food poisoning from her Bkk trip :(

School's starting on Monday and I have yet to start on any readings :/ Okay la I finished 1 chapter for Equity but that's only the intro chapter. Furthermore we need to read 5 chapters for the first lesson so 1 chapter is as good as not reading. I shall er... rely on Vinay, Tina, Amelia and Audrey on Tuesday if prof calls me to answer any questions!

Oh and I've been going out in spectacles really often recently because my right eye is getting weird. It seems drier than my left eye for whatever strange reason and my right eye becomes uncomfortable really quick- within an hour of wearing contacts? Ph suggested that I wear spectacles for the next 2 weeks and I'm like HELL NO. Now that I've permed my hair, I can't show up in spectacles because I will look like some old aunty! How how how??? Even if I go to the optician they will definitely tell me to rest my eyes too for a period of time. SIGH. Oh and like I tweeted earlier, some people ridicule me when I'm wearing spectacles and having er.. uncombed washed hair. HELLO I AM LIKE HOW HOT AND PRETTY ONE CAN. Just look at all the pictures below! TSK.

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