Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

Happy New Year Darlings! :)

2011 has been a special year for me. It's the year that I turn 21 and had my second birthday party. Though to be honest, turning 21 hasn't really changed anything for me.

2011 had been great thanks to ph, my family and my wonderful friends. Ph never fails to bring me all over Singapore in search of good food. It's really all thanks to him that you get to see so much food posts in this blog. My bff, Sharon, is the bestest friend as usual. I remembered when I cried like mad after my Evidence finals, she came over to my house (which is actually just the opposite estate) and comforted me. She talked much sense into me and I realised that my once er.. slightly childish friend has really matured in thinking. I'm so proud of you Sharon! :) You know, friends are really important because they fill gaps in your life which your partner can never fill.

To be honest, when I think back on the past year, all I think about is school. But after many disappointments, I tell myself that in 2012, I will try to believe that what's most in important in life is to be happy. I will try to stop beating myself up over bad grades.

I spent the last of 2011 in a mad rush. Headed over to Ion and went into every single shop that had the 'sale' sign in 3 hours. In my opinion, Pullman & Bear and New Look have the best sales. Most of their stuff are priced within my range, i.e. below $30 for any kind of clothes. I bought a bag and a pair of earrings from new look. In the whole of December, I'd bought 2 bags, 3 pairs of shoes! I spent dinner at Coffee Bean with ph and the branch at Millenia Walk is brilliant. The service is impeccable there and of course, they serve good food too. You'd think that the staff would sulk, having to work on nye. But no, they serve you with a smile constantly and added 'thank you' to every single sentence said. WHOA.

In the last hour of 2011, I spent it with my beloved cousins and we caught up with each others' life. In the last 30mins, we sang really old school songs from JJ, Jay Chou, SHE and Jolin while downing bottles of cheap, flavoured vodka. In the last min of 2011, we hummed to the tune of Auld Lang Syne, had a group hug at exactly 12mn and took a group shot.

In resolutions for the new year are pretty much the same as last year with a few additions:
- lose weight
- good grades
- get my training contract
- visit BKK (please finally)
- have a holiday with friends (gotta fight with mum over it)

And if you're still in a festive mood, here's a great video to watch or rather, listen to. Lady Gaga is amazing as always and it's a freaking duet with Tony Bennett! Never thought she could belt out a nice jazz song!

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