Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crystal Jade Korean BBQ

I was going through my pictures folder and discovered that I have yet to share this set of pictures with you! Ph, my bro and I went to the BBQ buffet at Nex many months back.

I know the above has nothing to do with BBQ but I think the whole reflection in the mirror thing is quite cool! 
Ya okay fine I can almost imagine everyone rolling their eyes. So anyway, here are the pictures of what you can expect from the buffet.
A wide range of cooked food- THE BEST section I feel. 
The steamboat section- comes with crab too!
raw bbq section- my favourite is the spicy bbq pork
Everyone gets a complimentary bowl of chicken ginseng soup! I love the sweetness of it!
Puddings and jelly!
special chinese desserts!
Mantou, one of my favourite food in the entire world. I have no idea why a plain bread like this can be so amazing. Even better when eaten with chilli crab.
Oh and did I mention ph traveled all the way from work to Nex to have this buffet lunch with us? Hard work all in the name of food.

So the buffet includes both the bbq part and the steamboat part despite being a Korean BBQ. Super worth it right! Its probably the second best buffet in terms of value for money,range and the delicious food. The number one spot is a tie between LeLe Steamboat and 2D1N Korean BBQ. But since they're both different for obvious reasons, I'll allow both to co-exist at the number one spot. They compliment each other so so well.

The highlights of this buffet are the cooked food (I mean it's crystal jade, how can the food they cook not be nice?) and the spicy bbq pork! And all I can say is for $16 (student pricing), this is super value for money and I want to go again! I won't be a student for much longer so super good deals like this must abuse one!

p.s I love my new blog header. What do you think?

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