Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's my birthday It's my birthday It's my birthday It's my birthday It's my birthday !

Muahaha! I've turned 21~ *sings Happy Birthday to myself* Had a great time with eben and wk earlier in the day. We celebrated wk and my birthday by singing karaoke from 4pm to 7pm! 3 freaking hours and I still wanna sing! *sings Happy Birthday again* We selected almost all of Jay Chou's song and I got really sleepy halfway because all his songs are so slowwww and emoooo. Oh and the place charges only $8 NETT from 2pm-8pm OMG. Super duper cheap. It's called KGarden at Serangoon Gardens and from now onwards, no more kbox, party world or top one or whatever $10 places!

I'm actually feeling pretty excited for my outing with ph later. Gonna go MBS to try out some celebrity chef restaurant. OMG FIRST TIME EVER IN MY LIFE SUPER DUPER HAPPY NAO! Then he suggests we go singing after lunch (AGAIN SUPER HAPPY, I'M BORN TO ME A SINGER), and finally, we're going to catch Wicked The Musical back at MBS! If you have no idea what Wicked is, Step 1: bang your head on the wall Step 2: Google it. How can one not know this award winning musical?!

December had officially started a week ago and I have many parties to attend because most of my good friends are born in the same month as mua <3

9 Dec: Amelia's birthday party plus clubbing after
10 Dec: Dance in the morning, CSM & Eunice's combined birthday party in the evening, clubbing with bff
11 Dec: er.. this one's a secret :) But someone's getting married!
17 Dec: Amanda's party
25 Dec: Xmas party
Plus all my other meet-ups which I haven't schedule!

Okay actually now that I look at it, I'm not as busy as I thought I was. Which is good because it means I have even more time for my manga! (such an otaku I know)


  1. you better have time to meet me then! ;)

  2. i'll always have time for you ;) *wink wink x1000* *puke*


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