Wednesday, December 14, 2011

16th Monthsary @ Wild Oats, Mt Emily

(I got lazy sorting birthday photos halfway because there are too many of them. So here's a post to fill the gap in the meantime!)

P.S the following photos had been photoshopped to look brighter as they're really dark. It's a lot of work okay. I had to brighten, decrease contrast, increase exposure and vibrancy etc. Want to die. See the things I do so that all of you can see the pictures! :')

Mini Beef burgers
Chicken Stew
fried chicken wings (really yummy) with Chef Gino's deadly chili sauce. The chili sauce is seriously no joke I tell you. Mega spicy!
Weston's Cider

Their best selling Lychee Beer- imported from Taiwan
Kwah beer- can't rmb where it's imported from.
My favorite Luncheon Meat Fries- had this for my birthday party too!
I personally prefer my fries with curry mayo instead of kaffir lime!

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